Friday, September 25, 2009

Aloha Friday.... TGIF

Another week bites the dust.... I do love Friday's coming in second to Saturday! The end of summer brings our first big swell to Oahu's North Shore. Surf's UP, 18 to 20 footers this weekend could bring out all the locals and tourists and that means a busy, bustling NS, both Pipeline and Sunset beaches will be a sight to see for all. STAY out of the water if you’re NOT a very experienced surfer and even if you surf be careful.
More people are killed in high surf in Hawaii than any other place in the world. Don't go down to the water's edge YOU will get pounded! Sit back high on the beach and watch the beauty. I like to watch those crazy experienced surfer's tear it up! Using Jet Ski's to sling them onto those fast..BIG waves... incredible action!

Have a great weekend and stay safe.... Mahalo
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