Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to Avoid Pet Quarantine When You Bring your Pet to Hawaii

My dog Molly made the trip, your dog can too!
Most pet owner would agree that having their pet in any Quarantine for any length of time is
unacceptable and should be avoided at all cost, right? I’ve put together some tips and information so you and your pet can avoid this horrible experience. Hawaii received many complaints regarding their states pet entry policies. So our law makers got together and agreed on a compromise in 2003. My dog arrived in 2005 so I was one of the lucky people who didn’t have to visit their dog at the Animal Quarantine on Oahu over a 120 day period. If you’ve ever been there you won’t want to make a second trip back. Neither will your dog. You can get all you need to know about entry to Hawaii for your pet at Hawaii’s Department of Agriculture website listed below.

1. Print out the form Summary For Veterinarians and read and understand it too. My Vet is great but he had never experienced the protocol for pet entry to Hawaii. So don’t be surprise when your vet doesn’t know what needs to be done either. That’s why you have the instruction for him/her.

2. There are different forms and procedures you must follow for a Cat or Dog or other animals.
Understand the steps and if you’re like me, make some phone calls to Hawaii for clarification. Double check and Double check again and make sure you’ve got it. Because if you or your vet screw up, your poor Fido or Felix goes to animal Jail/Quarantine for 90 to 120 days straight from the airport at your expense. That is a tough lesson to learn at the cost of your pet’s freedom… oh and Animal Jail cost the owner anywhere from 14.30 to 17.80 per day times 120 days, WOW. So get your ducks in a row because it takes time to get it all done.

Here’s a list of some of the forms; Dog and Cat Import Form, Breed Code List, Color Code List, Testing forms, Approved Animal Hospital. Prohibited animals and dog breeds.
There is also a Brochure 25 pages that is worth printing out. Hawaii’s Animal Quarantine Law

3. While you’re preparing and paying for shots, blood tests, micro chip, you find yourself traveling to and from your vet’s office more times than you ever thought possible, wondering if it’s all worth it. You may start wondering just how devoted you are to your pet or maybe should I just give Fido or Felix to another good home or relative on the mainland. Well I assure you, keeping your pet is worth it, if you can afford it and have the patience to go through the steps. Just keep picturing your pet running on the beach and playing in paradise. My dog has learned to surf she doesn’t use a board but she body surfs, crazy… I know but she just started with no training, it came very natural to her. Seeing that alone was worth every penny I spent and all the reading and research I had to do to get her here. Hang in there; it will be worth it for you too!

***Make sure your purchase an adequate kennel for your dog size. I know the airlines charge by pound but don’t exchange your animal’s safety and comfort for the price of his/her ticket.
***Make sure your pet has penalty of water in a bottle hooked to its kennel.
***Once you make it on the plane, have a cocktail or take a chill pill and relax. You’ve done all you can and it’s in someone else hands for the next few hours. Molly's whole journey was 11 hours in her cage. SFO to HNL,
***My Favorite airline is Hawaiian Air for getting your pets to Hawaii, but I am sure whatever airline you choose will get your pet here safely.
***Remember to call the airlines in plenty of time before your flight and get their rules and regulations. Most if not all require a Health Certificate filled out by your Vet, 14 days or less before your flight.
You will find everything you need at this link below. Good Luck!
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