Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Advantages Of Buying A Home In The Winter

Winter brings a different perspective to buying a home. Although the winter has it's challenges when it comes to buying a home it can be a very a good time to buy for several reasons.
There are fewer buyers out looking with most of them sitting by the fire trying to keep warm. Many don’t want to brave the rain and snow looking for a home. It’s hard enough in the summer, right? It may be more difficult but well worth your time and effort to find the perfect home at a great price.
With fewer buyers out looking you are less likely to come across a multiple offers situation.

Sellers are highly motivated, if a house is listed during the winter months the seller’s circumstance could be to your advantage. They could have a new job and need to relocate. Financial problems or a divorce. Depending on the seller’s situation they may be more acceptable to negotiating.

A home listed in the winter may have been listed for a long period of time. If a home is listed for several months you may be able to offer less. Don’t be afraid to make an offer below asking price. But be careful not to offend the seller with a low-ball offer either.

Very important is the home itself, during the winter is an excellent time to see how a home performs when it is cold, after a good snowfall or rain storm. You can see if the home has leaks or a problem with insulation or lack of it, check for cold corners or rooms. A well-built home will not have icicles hanging from the eves or snow collecting on the roof.

Another advantage is finding a Realtor in the winter months is much easier because most of them are not as busy. They can spend more time with you and help you find the perfect home.
The same could be said for your mortgage professional.  

Another great motivator is your loan and what interest rate is available. Lender’s are less busy during the winter and we often see lower rates during the winter months. Take advantage of this, it could save you thousands over the duration of your loan just by buying during the lull in the market. We never know when rates will go up.

I have given you some great reasons to buy this winter, do your homework and due diligence before you buy your home. Talk to professionals and get the knowledge you need to make your best choice and then put your knowledge to action. Go for it! It’s fun and who doesn’t like moving into a new home no matter the season.

If I can help in any way with questions or your financing I am always available and just a phone call away.

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