Saturday, March 2, 2019

Tips On Preparing Your Home To Sell

Spring is right around the corner, spring is the start to buying season in many states. If you plan to sell this year you will need to start preparing soon.

It’s important to know how to prepare you home before you list it with a real estate agent. You will want to make sure it is show-ready on the first day you list it. Here are some tips on how to prepare your home to be show-ready.

It will be important for you to know if any repairs are going to be needed, hiring a general home inspector and having a termite inspection will give you some insight on what needs to be done. Most buyers will order their own inspections however, if you already have the reports and have made repairs chances are you won’t scare off any buyers with extensive repairs. They may still want their own independent reports and that is ok, you can still offer them your inspection reports with a list of repairs and anything you may have replaced like a new AC or hot water heater. By doing this pre-inspection you will greatly reduce the chances of a deal falling apart.

Next you can make some minor low-cost repairs and updates to your home. First thing is to declutter your home. Pay close attention to your kitchen and bathrooms, make sure your counters are basically clear of all items, leave a couple decorative items. Clean off the frig of all personal items, like pics, notes etc. Remove bulletin boards and family pictures from your home. You want your buyers to be able to see themselves in your home, not you and your family so depersonalize your home. . Now that you have removed all your clutter, don’t worry we all have clutter. Next paint and color of paint is very important. Some buyers just can’t see past bold colors. If you have bold colors or you haven’t painted in a couple years. A fresh coat of paint will go a long way. Use neutral or lite colors, like tan, off white or shades of gray. :)

Having your carpet, floors and windows/screens professional cleaned is another way to make a great first impression.

If you have an older home updating light fixtures and cabinet hardware. This update will go a long way and help your home stand out.

Staging your home can increase the chances of getting your home sold faster, most top Realtors can refer you to a professional. This works nicely if you have already moved out. But even if you still live in your home, they can help you get your home show-ready. Yes it will cost you some money, however research shows a staged home will often get offers at list price or above.

If you are a pet owner do your best to hide all signs of your pets. Sorry, we all love our fur babies and I know it's not easy but do your best, be aware of pet hair an odor.  Big mistake is to have your pets in a room unkennel or in your back yard. This prevents buyers from having full access to your home. During any showings make sure you kennel your pets and if you have an open house remove pets from the home.

One more suggestion for anyone living in the Northwest of any wet climate, check your roof, if you have moss growing on the roof, like so many homes in the NW, get it removed and treated. Moss on a roof can delay closing if the lender or insurance company require removal/treatment before they will fund or insure your home. Take care of this prior to listing. A mossy roof is a deferred maintenance issue and is likely to scare off buyers.

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