Monday, December 15, 2008

Mortgage UPDate!

Last week saw long-term mortgage rates drift downward to milti-year lows as economic news continues to review a struggling economy. Overal retail sales dropped 1.8% which was near expectations. However most of the drop came from gas and auto sales. Certain segments including electronics and clothes actually saw an increase in sales.

Even with the hugh week of economic news due, we may see mortgage rates stay relatively flat. The most important item of the week is likely the release of the Fed's policy statement following its last meeting fo teh year. Expectations are for another interest rate cut, but the Fed's rate is having slightly less influence on mortgage rates in these challenging times. The recent promise of Treasury support for the secondary mortgage market has driven rates about as far down as is reasonable to expect without some significant event or governmnet program. Continued sour economic news and more evidence of waning inflationary presure should service to keep rates relatively low.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fly OFF to California Tomorrow!!

I am very excited about several things today. I met a new person and hopefully will form a new business relationship developing a new and exciting venture and make LOTS money. That is always good, right?

Tomorrow I am off for the holidays. To see my family, it's been way to long, a whole year since I've seen my children and their families. We have a new baby coming into our family during the month of December we are not sure when but soon. A boy and that will make 5 grandsons for me. I am sooo soooo excited about seeing all of them. I need my fix!

So as you can see . I have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas

I'll post some new picture of my family in the near future so come back or follow my blog - you get more RE News and information on our crazy ass economy and I'll throw in some animal - kids and holiday fun in the mix.

Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to leave your comments. I love to hear from all of you
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Dog Having A BLAST In The Snow!!!

I am off to California tomorrow, I will check in from time to time.
I'd like to leave you with this hilarious dog having a blast in snow.
Please write a comment and tell me about your crazy animal or what you think of this dog! FUNNY stuff.

Check him out it will be well worth the time.
Happy Holidays Bloggers - Keep in touch.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Today I woke before the sun feeling a since of melancholy. I never know why I sometimes feel like this but I can only guess it’s just a small case of depression due to life’s circumstances or just a case of not wanting to work today. I know boo woo! As I look for the sun in the horizon I notice a layer of vog, yes in Hawaii its vog not fog, because its haze from the volcano on the big island. For the pass couple of days it’s been cloudy and a little hazy with vog in the skies, it gets like this when the Kona winds blow, bringing us the vog from the Big Island. It makes for beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I’ve taken some pictures to lighten my spirits and share them with all my blogger friends and followers. These pics are(top) looking towards Waimea Bay from my lanai in Waialua the bottom is a look straight out to the surf, you can't see them in my pic but there are two crazy surfers out surfing, one is pulling the other on a jet ski, the waves are 6' to 8' faces this morning. I hope your enjoy them.

Well enough play for this morning. I’ve got a busy day with work today. No chance of lazing on the beach today. Work – Work – Work is calling me.
Have a wonderful day wherever you may be! Leave me a comment or short story, use your imagination – tell me what comes to mind when you look into my pictures of this morning’s sunrise on the North Shore of Oahu.

Aloha and Mahalo for visiting my blog.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mortgage UPdate!

Mortgage rates continued to head downward last week in response to the Federal Reserve's $600 billion plan to purchase good quality mortgage backed debts and securities. Econmic news however continues on the bleak side. While the National Bureau of Economic Research declared that the US has been in a recession since December 2007 the bigger news was the dismal jobs data. The US economy shed 533,000 jobs in November the largest jobs lost number in 34 years. Hopefully the myriad of programs aimed at stimulating housing will begin to work in earnest soon.
Mortgage rates may continue moving downward for the first few days of this week as little economic news is due out. Of course an announcement of another goverment program could sway rates wildly either direction. The biggest economic data of the week will likely be retail sales data. With the current environment a drop much below the expected 1.9% could spook markets and send rates moving even further downward. However a positive reading may send mortgage rates upward.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Big Wave Surfing Event Starts Today!

While there are many famous surfers we could list, today's event sponsored by Quicksilver honors Eddie Aikau born on Maui but later became a resident of Oahu's North Shore and was the first lifeguard on Oahu at Waimea Bay. He was famous for riding the Big Ones! The opening ceremonies get off to a great start today at Waimea Bay. The big wave event needs a minimum of 20-foot waves to get underway. Forecast today is 16 to 24 -foot faces. Trade winds at 5 -10 mph- 83'F Sunny - so conditions should be perfect. This event is the Super Bowl of surfing and the first price this year is the largest first place check in history at $55,000.

For all you mainlanders suffering with temperatures in the teens and freezing your behinds off. I'd like to offer you just a few minutes of tropical breezes and big wave surfing - go ahead take a short Hawaii vacation without leaving your home of office.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mortgage UPdate!

Good-quality well underwritten mortgages finally got a big government boost last week. The Federal Reserve announced plans to by $100 billion in Freddie and Fannie debt along with $500 billion for purchasing agency-backed mortgage backed securities. The announcement was cheered by analysts and financial markets, with stocks rising all of last week and long term conforming mortgage rates moving downward significantly. Adding to the downward pressure on rates was a revised GDP number of -0.5%, reminding markets that we are indeed in a challenging period.

Mortgage rates may continue to remain low as we head into another week of data that is almost certain to contain more news of a souring economy. Both ISM indices are due this week with expectations of drops in both manufacturing and services. Monthly employment data is also due.
If we lose anywhere near the 300K jobs expected to have been lost in November and the unemployment rate ticks upward we could see rates continuing to trend downward into next week.

Monday, December 1, 2008

I Was Really OFF Track!

Sorry for the late post today. My computer (desktop) the one I use for WORK crashed and sent my whole world into chaos. If had to be fixed, without it I am a lam duck.
As I told you last week my laptop got a virus while online with blogger so be careful and don't leave your computer logged into blogger or any site for that matter.
Anyway I've got my DT working now after 6 hours of rebooting and adding back software.
Crazy! When it rains it poors!

If you are a buyer or even remotely thinking of buying a home this year. GET OUT THERE!
Call your REALTOR and go shopping for a home. There is a great inventory of homes available nationwide. Some homes have been on the market for a long time and have anxious and some desperate seller trying to move on, (hint) it's a buyer's market. But the best news is the RATES are dropping!!! YES even more.
Today started out just under 6% and then most lenders repriced by almost .50% down to
5.5% to 5.375 for a 30 year fixed. FHA loans are available and guidelines are accepting borrowers with FICOs as low as 550 - 580. If you don't have a credit score they will allow alternative credit, i.e your cell phone bill- cable bill- utility bills - they need a 12 month good payment history and you will be considered. The FHA loan limits are changing very soon so again Call your REALTOR if you don't have one call me 808 637-0011 and I'll help you find one in your area. New home buyers could make a hugh positive impact on our economy. GET out there! The time is right now!
If you need more information or have any questions I am always just a phone call away.