Thursday, December 4, 2008

Big Wave Surfing Event Starts Today!

While there are many famous surfers we could list, today's event sponsored by Quicksilver honors Eddie Aikau born on Maui but later became a resident of Oahu's North Shore and was the first lifeguard on Oahu at Waimea Bay. He was famous for riding the Big Ones! The opening ceremonies get off to a great start today at Waimea Bay. The big wave event needs a minimum of 20-foot waves to get underway. Forecast today is 16 to 24 -foot faces. Trade winds at 5 -10 mph- 83'F Sunny - so conditions should be perfect. This event is the Super Bowl of surfing and the first price this year is the largest first place check in history at $55,000.

For all you mainlanders suffering with temperatures in the teens and freezing your behinds off. I'd like to offer you just a few minutes of tropical breezes and big wave surfing - go ahead take a short Hawaii vacation without leaving your home of office.

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