Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Today I woke before the sun feeling a since of melancholy. I never know why I sometimes feel like this but I can only guess it’s just a small case of depression due to life’s circumstances or just a case of not wanting to work today. I know boo woo! As I look for the sun in the horizon I notice a layer of vog, yes in Hawaii its vog not fog, because its haze from the volcano on the big island. For the pass couple of days it’s been cloudy and a little hazy with vog in the skies, it gets like this when the Kona winds blow, bringing us the vog from the Big Island. It makes for beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I’ve taken some pictures to lighten my spirits and share them with all my blogger friends and followers. These pics are(top) looking towards Waimea Bay from my lanai in Waialua the bottom is a look straight out to the surf, you can't see them in my pic but there are two crazy surfers out surfing, one is pulling the other on a jet ski, the waves are 6' to 8' faces this morning. I hope your enjoy them.

Well enough play for this morning. I’ve got a busy day with work today. No chance of lazing on the beach today. Work – Work – Work is calling me.
Have a wonderful day wherever you may be! Leave me a comment or short story, use your imagination – tell me what comes to mind when you look into my pictures of this morning’s sunrise on the North Shore of Oahu.

Aloha and Mahalo for visiting my blog.
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