Friday, September 4, 2009

Aloha Friday... TGIF...

I do love Friday's specially leading into a Holiday weekend... Labor Day is already here and an end to summer is fast approaching. Summer just flew by but I have some wonderful memories to show for it.
I hope you can say the same. This Friday I have a special day planned with my grandson's, school is out today so they have an early start to their weekend, four days off WOW what a treat! So today we are off to the movies and the FUN Factory.
 But before I go I'd like to share a little aloha and tell you about what happened yesterday on our beach because although it happens occasionally it such a sight that we get excited each and every time we are granted a visit. The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle listed on the endangered species feeds on the kelps that grow on the reef just a few feet off our shore. We can see them swimming on most any day but to get one up on our beach is rare. Yesterday we discovered not one but two turtles basking in the sun on our beach. I have to tell you they do raise a ruckus when people see them lying on the beach. If you are a people watcher like me then you'll get a kick out the some reactions, people passed them by without notice thinking they are rocks, some think they are in need of medical attentions or possibly dead. Some passer bys stop and take pictures or unfortunately try to pull them back into the ocean. These beautiful prehistoric creatures are incredibly tolerable of our interest in them specially when discovered on land. The older turtles will just ignore us and continue their slumber while the younger ones get irritated and retreat back into the ocean. If you happen on a Hawaiian Sea Turtle or any marine life basking in the sun please do not touch it, disturb it in any way, Stay a good 10 feet away as Federal Law requires.
Children of course are very interested and want to touch them, get as close as possible, like up in their faces close. PLEASE do not let your children do this, I've never seen it but they do bit if they feel threaten and on land they are most venerable. Enjoy them but keep your distance.Share your encounter with a turtle or any marine life in the comment area. I'd like to hear about it. Mahalo

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