Friday, April 2, 2010

RECIPE - Bake Ahead Mashed Potatoes

If you get frustrated mashing potatoes while cooking holiday dinner for the a big family. I know I do... but mashed potatoes are a staple for most family holiday dinners. So with Easter in just two days I thought I'd share a great idea with Bake Ahead Mash Potatoes. They are creamy and very good and best of all you can bake them, Yes I say bake them along side your turkey or ham. OR if you have a small oven while your turkey or ham is cooking whip they up and set aside until your meat dish is finished then pop them in the oven for 30 minutes just to warm them up.

10lbs of potatoes - peeled and cooked until soft.
1 package of Philly cream cheese - you can use Fat Free or Low Fat to save a few calories and fat content.
3/4 cup of Sour Cream - again you can use Fat Free or Low Fat.
1 stick of Butter or 1/2 cup or your favorite margarine.
Salt and Pepper to taste.
Add all ingredients while potatoes are hot. Using electric mixer set on whip, whip until potatoes are creamy in texture. If needed add a little milk or cream to get them to the consistency just a little creamer then regular mashed potatoes, they will set up/thicken while baking.
If you make the too thick to start you will end up with dry potatoes.
Now here the best part, you can do this early in the morning or the night before your dinner.
Just put them in the frig until you are ready to bake. Set your oven at 375 and cook cold potatoes for 45 -60 minutes. If your potatoes were made while cooking your meat dish and not refrigerated and are at room temp or even warm they will only take about 30 minutes to bake. Either way they are GREAT! Now you can make the gravy!
I hope this helps you and gives you more time to spend with the family. I know they are a hit and there is never any leftovers....

Happy Easter!


House and land deer park victoria said...

A very good recipe. I have also tried this one...

Anonymous said...

Yes, these are great I have similar recipe but I am going to try yours, it sounds better.
Thanks again.

Betty said...

A very good recipe. This certainly seems like the perfect solution to mashed potatoes for a special holiday dinner!