Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cell Phone Etiquette

While sitting having my morning tea at Starbucks I am force to listen to a conversation another moron is having with a family member about his mother’s illness all this loud talking is over the music piped in for our enjoyment, right like I could even hear it.. . Has everyone lost their since of politeness or are we all wrapped up in our own self involvement. First of all why would anyone want to talk about mom’s illness and personal medication and doctors in front of 25 people in Starbucks? But loud talking people on cell phone is quite disturbing anywhere. Oh and what’s up with the person on a plane who has to immediately turn on their phone and call someone before you even get out of the plane, allow everyone on the plane to hear their conversation.. I know I don’t want to hear it. What is so dam important it can’t wait until you can talk in private so you don’t disturb everyone but it’s so abundantly clear no one cares about the person sitting next to them or for that matter people nearby…. I don’t know what the answer is but we are really becoming a society of impolite detached people. So put your phones away talk to the person next to you instead and smile every once in a while.

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