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Top 10 Tips for the FSBO " For Sale By Owner"

1. Your Market; knowing your market is probably the most important aspect of preparing to sell your home. There are many different markets in our country even though our nation’s housing market is struggling in general. Some areas or neighborhoods are doing better than others and some are doing quite well. We are in a recovery status as a nation, hopefully that is reflective in your neighborhood.

2. Determined your home’s value;  you can do this by running a report on homes sold in your area that are familiar to your own home over the past 3 to 6 months.
You can check listings in your area. You can check websites like and for help in determining your value.  

3. Timing; this goes back to knowing your market and determining your value and knowing when is the best time to sell because a few months can make a world of difference in a fast changing market. If your area is declining, getting out quickly can be very important if you are to save any equity, you may have to wait for a  while in a recovering market to gain equity.

4. Having Professionals you can call on; Even though you want to do this task alone or without a Realtor you will need other professionals. Depending on your state you will need a Title/Escrow company and/or an Attorney. You may also want to consider an attorney to help you with your purchase contract or at the very least to review it before you and buyer enter into it. Getting the forms you need ahead of time and knowing what they contain is very important. You don’t want any surprises or questions when it comes time to sign your contracts and forms. US Legal

5. Preparing your home; this step is skipped by so many and is so important it should be at the top. We all have a tendency to have blinders on when it comes to our own home. The clutter seems to build mysterious without our knowledge. Well this is the time to take off the blinders even if you have to hire someone to help you. Your home may need a professional stager. But first clear out the junk, oh I mean clutter, if your livingroom looks like toys r us blew up, box all the toys up or move them to your child’s room and try to organize them neatly. Remove all personal photos from your walls and replace with artwork instead. You don’t want your buyers getting distracted looking at your pictures instead of your home.  Then once you’ve clear out the house now you have to KEEP IT CLEAN! Good Luck with that!
6. Qualified buyers; you want to make sure you are showing your home to qualified buyers, make sure when someone calls to make an appointment to see your home you ASK if they are qualified with a lender. If they are not you should refer them to your mortgage professional to get Pre-qualified so you know you are dealing with a qualified buyer. If they are then ask them to bring their letter of prequalification or fax it to you prior to meeting them.  The last thing you need to a bunch of looky lous wasting your time.

7. Advertising and Marketing; social media is a great place to start, a website or landing page with lots of pictures and videos of your home are all necessary. Using sites to market your home is also an important tool here some sites to take a look at HouseBuyersNetwork and Owners.

8. Open House; now you are ready to open your house to the public, advertising is in place, you’ve staged your home; you have your contracts and forms in hand and understand them. Take the kids and dogs/cats to your parents and show off your home. Hopefully you are a good negotiator and salesman/woman you will need to be. Buyers are tough!

9. Be prepared for extra costs; with a contract comes inspections if you haven’t done any yourself you may find added repairs need to be completed before the sell of your home can close. To avoid the unknown you could have these inspections done prior, just remember most buyers will want to complete their own inspections. But if you have already done your own and any repairs you will be confident in knowing you’ve completed the work needed.

10. When/IF all your efforts fail; don’t get to discouraged when or if this happens, selling a home is not easy work. You still have some options. At this point you could list it with a Flat Fee MLS company but be prepare to pay a co-op fee to the selling agent.  But this is still less expensive than listing with a Realtor. But this way your home is listed on the MLS for all the Realtors to see and market. Your chance for a sell just increased. 

I write this article for the FSBO but my advice to you all is to find yourself a great Realtor because even though you may save money by selling it yourself it would only take one law suit to completely wipe you out or make your life a living hell. One mistake!
A great Realtor is worth their weight in GOLD even at $1680 an ounce. Call one and if you don’t know one call me I’ll help you find one in your area.

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Roxy Redenbaugh
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