Saturday, May 5, 2018

How Will 5% Mortgage Rates Impact Buyers In 2018

Mortgage rates have not been 5% since 2011 and we are starting to see rates getting close to 5%.
The 30-year mortgage average rate is now about 4.5% for most borrowers but if your credit scores are low making you a higher risk, get ready for a higher rate closer to 5%.

For the first time in years we will see buyers with less buying power, they will qualify for less as we see increasing housing prices.  On the brighter side, I always look for a silver lining. Lenders are scrambling to provide new loan programs and guidelines to adjust to the raising rates.

Even with rates on the increase we are still seeing more buyers then housing inventory on the market. Making it a seller’s market and increasing prices.  If you are a buyer and thinking about buying this year you should be planning and preparing early, don’t wait to get pre-qualified, do it now. Your approval will be good for 90 days while you look for a home. If you go beyond those 90 days, it’s quick and easy to renew your approval for another 90 days. It’s very important you know how much you qualify for before you start shopping with your Realtor.  You can apply online on my secure website, you can upload needed documents making it very easy to get started.
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The volatility in the market is due to the wide swings in the stock market. Mortgage rates tend to follow the 10-year Treasury yield. Yesterday’s bond market opened flat after economic data helped erase overnight lost. To get a full mortgage rate update each day you can visit my website,
This tool can be very helpful to know if locking your rate or letting it float is best.

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