Friday, November 7, 2008

Aloha FRIDAY!!!

Another Day In Paradise..... I am on day two of my blog. I have to tell you I didn't think I was going to like all the writing much with so little time. But I think if I can do it first thing in the morning I'll be able to fit it into my oh so busy schedule. But it's Friday and I normally work 1/2 days on Friday. Molly(my dog) and I will be hitting the beach this afternoon. So you blogger's out there, I hope you like my new blog. I get a lot of questions on a daily basis from clients and associates, so I thought I'd start answering them in a blog too. I have an endless amount of material so I shouldn't have any problems with that dreaded writer's block or the WB I've heard tell about, but never experienced. So tell me what you want to hear or ask a question about anything that has to do with Real Estate and the financing of Real Estate, Credit and Credit Repair. I've got your answers!

Oh my market report will be finished soon. It will be interesting to see if anyone is interested or if you are all just tried of hearing about the market. It's alot of work so if no one wants it or comments on it - I will delete it from my blog. But you be the judge and let me know!
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