Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Little Irish Tax Humor

While tax season is upon us and it's St. Paddy's Day this old Irish Proverb goes nicely with the day!

Tax his tractor, tax his mule; tell him, taxing is the rule.
Tax his oil, tax his gas, tax his notes, tax his cash
Tax him good and let him know, that after taxes, he has no dough.
If he hollers, tax him more; tax him till he's good and sore.
Tax his coffin, tax his grave, tax his sod in which he's laid.
Put these words upon his tomb, "Taxes drove him to his doom."
Once he's gone, we won't relax. We'll still collect inheritance tax.

Tell me what you have planned to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
Happy St Paddy's Day!!!

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