Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blog Slacker

Boy time does have a way of getting away from you! I've never thought of myself as a slacker but clearly I need to rethink that when it comes to my blog. I guess life has a way of getting in the way of serious blogging.
I really like writing but lately I've been in a funk! I need my writer's mojo back or a muse..something!
Well here's to getting it back. I pledge to be a better blogger! Maybe that will work???  I'll try once again to write at least a couple times a week and try not to be too dam boring with all my financial mumbo jumbo. I'll take an occasional pic of my surrounding or my dog she is more photogenic than I am... so here goes, hope I don't scare or bore the pants right off you!
If any of you have any requests or questions about what's going on with you know the markets, real estate or the world, maybe you know someone going through a rough path and they need some help, I am an expert on foreclosure, short sales, bankruptcy maybe I can help.  New program for Refinancing is available for some of those folks underwater.. any ideas.. any questions?? I am all ears?

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