Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday’s Saving Money Tip #18 Secrets to Online Shopping

I’ve learned to shop online to save time and money but did you know you could also earn money by shopping online. It’s true, but first I’d like to talk about the advantages of shopping online.  The obvious is you don’t have to leave home. You save money by not getting in your car and using fuel. I live in the country so driving to the mall or Wal-Mart is about 20 plus miles one way @ 4.39 a gal, I know I am saving when I can shop online. Getting my order delivered to my door is like Christmas every time I get something. No hassle with parking! Plus when you shop online most products offer reviews comments before you buy. I also order and ship gifts all over the country from my shopping portals. But what about the things like attorneys, services and other things you wouldn’t normally think you could do online, you can and save BIG. I’ve been using these links for years and they are good solid companies that network with other companies to give you discounts for going through their portals or links. It’s really that simple.
It’s called affiliate networking and you can get your own website portals FREE and shop all your want through your own portal and save money! Best of all you can earn money if you want by telling people about it like I am doing right now. But you don’t have to market your shopping portal you can just shop at the thousands of merchants that are available in your shopping portal.
Some of the merchants are Wal-Mart, Target, Sketchers, Vistaprint, 1800flowers, amazon.com and thousands of others and many have free shipping.  You can also get free $300 Gas and Grocery vouchers every time you place an order.  I’ve only done that once because I am bad about hanging onto receipts but it’s a huge savings.

You can have many shopping portals or websites as this is offered by many companies. Just make sure it’s FREE. I only do FREE stuff online. Never pay for anything you can get free!

I started doing this by accident a couple years ago because a friend told me about it just like I am telling you about it now. So I signed up for the free website portal and off I went reading it and following the directions until I wanted to pull my hair out. But over the years I’ve come to appreciate the knowledge I’ve gained and the money I’ve saved buying things online. In the beginning the hardest part was remembering to go through my own website portal to do any shopping online, but money soon started coming in monthly and money talks so now I always go through my own website to purchase anything online and lucky for me I have others that do too!
I save money, make money and I now I am giving you an opportunity to do the same.
Here is the link to one of my portals. Sign up it’s FREE you’ve got nothing to lose… and lots of money to save! It’s a busy site but it’s worth your time! Have fun exploring!

I just signed up for another shopping network called BigCrumbs I've been researching it for awhile and it too looks promising check it out  Roxy's BigCrumbsPortal this site also pays every month and has many great benefits and thousands of retailers. Shop til your drop! This site is FREE too, always FREE never do anything unless it's FREE! Words to live by online!

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I never knew you could make money shopping just know my wife is good at spending it. I'll tell her about this sounds like something she could do.