Friday, March 9, 2012

Laniakea Beach On Oahu's North Shore is a Magnet for Turtle Lovers

Laniakea is a beautiful beach just outside the little historic town of Haleiwa, HI on Oahu’s north shore.  This stretch of beach is fast becoming a tourist destination by many who are seeking an up close encounter with Hawaii’s endangered

No one is quite sure why the turtle started coming on shore to bask in the sun in 1999 we just know they did and they still come in large numbers to this spot to enjoy a peaceful rest on the beach.  Unfortunately this peaceful rest they longed for was being disrupted by beachgoers, tourist from all over the world flocking to Laniakea to see these beautiful creatures. They were being disrespectful, touching them, sitting on them and riding them.  In 2005 a group of volunteers from concerned local citizen was formed called “Show Turtles Aloha” this was run through NOAA(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin) now this group is independent and nonprofit called “Malama Na Honu Foundation”  The volunteers do a great job keeping watch over the Honu and offer information and answer questions to people who are interested.

My husband Randy volunteered at Laniakea for a few months. He enjoyed it very much it was right up his ally sitting on the beach watching crazy tourists and turtles, he has often talked about the experience and how rewarding it was, to be a small part in protecting the Hunu, but work takes up too much of his time now so for now Randy is a retired volunteer maybe someday he will be able to do it again. If you want more information click here
If you want to volunteer click here.. Volunteering at Laniakea
If you are visiting Oahu please keep your distance if you happen upon a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, remember they are endangered and protected by law.  It is a violation and you could be cited and fined if you touch, feed or get to close to the Honu stay a good 10 feet away and you’ll be fine. Enjoy them at a distance.

Parking at this location is crazy too and has become a huge bottleneck of traffic both on foot and in cars. Be careful when you cross the highway and if driving by please watch for pedestrians. If you are local have patience and remember Aloha…

If you have visited this beach or plan to in the near future please tell us about your experience.Your comments and questions are always encouraged and welcome.

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I went to this beach and it was a really great spot to see turtles up close. Nice article.