Friday, November 7, 2008

Aloha FRIDAY!!!

Another Day In Paradise..... I am on day two of my blog. I have to tell you I didn't think I was going to like all the writing much with so little time. But I think if I can do it first thing in the morning I'll be able to fit it into my oh so busy schedule. But it's Friday and I normally work 1/2 days on Friday. Molly(my dog) and I will be hitting the beach this afternoon. So you blogger's out there, I hope you like my new blog. I get a lot of questions on a daily basis from clients and associates, so I thought I'd start answering them in a blog too. I have an endless amount of material so I shouldn't have any problems with that dreaded writer's block or the WB I've heard tell about, but never experienced. So tell me what you want to hear or ask a question about anything that has to do with Real Estate and the financing of Real Estate, Credit and Credit Repair. I've got your answers!

Oh my market report will be finished soon. It will be interesting to see if anyone is interested or if you are all just tried of hearing about the market. It's alot of work so if no one wants it or comments on it - I will delete it from my blog. But you be the judge and let me know!


C. Beth said...

Good blog, Roxy! I'm actually licensed (salesperson, not broker) in my home state. I rarely take on transactions these days with two very small children at home, but I loved being a full-time agent in the three years before I started my family.

I think this is a great idea; you can list the blog URL on your business cards and in your e-mail signature. (I get quite a few clicks on my blogs from people reading my e-mails.) It's good info you're giving out, and a lot of prospects and clients will feel they can trust you more than Joe Anchorman on Channel 2. Be aware it can take time to build up readership; just keep going, and get the word out however you can!

One suggestion, since you said you don't have a whole lot of time--you can pre-write posts when you do have time, and set them up to publish at a later date or time. If you have several things to write about, or want to break up one topic into several posts, you can take advantage of whatever free time you find to pre-write for your blog. I've gotten into the habit of writing my next day's blog posts in the evening and setting them up to publish at 5 a.m. the next morning.

Under the area where you type your post, to the left of where you type your "TAGS," click "Options." You can change the date and time of your post to a date and time of your choosing.

Hope that helps. Thanks for the link to your blog and of course thanks for visiting mine. I really liked your comment today (and responded to it in a comment of my own.)

Beth (The One Minute Writer)

Roxy's Real Estate News said...

Beth - thanks for the visit and advise. I will follow your advise.
I didn't know about the date and time option so that will help.Not only will this help me but everyone will get my information EST instead of Hawaii time because HI time is so much later in most everyones day.
I already have several of these articles done and so updating them is all I will have to do for a while. I am stickin to it.Thanks again!