Friday, November 21, 2008

ALOHA Friday!!

Another week bites the dust. I have been contemplating what to do with my blog.
I would like to keep it business related to my field of expertise but then I like to write about myself and do more personally posts and show off my pictures too! I am considering TWO blogs.
I am not sure how I will managed both blogs but I think it might be worth a shot.

This blogging thing is addicting isn't it? I've really taking to it quite nicely! It's a great stress reliever. Takes up some of my time I'd otherwise spend thinking about and stressing about my business. So that has been very good, who needs to do that.
Being in the mortgage business I have nothing but time now as not a lot of business is coming my way and even when it does it's like pushing a square into a round hole. The lenders are just not loaning $$ right now. I've never seen such a TIGHT money market. Not impossible but very difficult. If you are thinking about buying or investing - get off the fence and do it. There has never been a better time.

It's a very depressing state of affairs. Just when I am sure I'll pull through this crisis no worse for the ware, guess what I get in the mail????? You'll never guess! A letter from the IRS, its an audit demand. So now I am being audited! GREAT! When it rains it poor - well of course if does!

At first I just panicked! Mainly because the audited date and time has passed and I just got the notice - my mail comes from California once a week so it runs about 2 weeks late.
Plus all my paperwork and files are in CA. in storage and I am in Hawaii. Not a good situation at all. Oh and did I mention my CPA is also in CA. and on vacation!!

Well now you know why Friday is such a GREAT day in my world!
I normally save Fridays for myself - I work 1/2 day and then I get to do something I want to do.
My freedom day!

Today I think Molly and I will go to the park!
If you have a minute to leave a comment - I always like reading them - If you have any suggestion about my blog or my predicament please by all means pour it out.

And just because its beautiful - I'll leave you a beautiful picture - Just because!
Mahalo (Thank You)


My life in bergen said...

Thank you for adding my blog to the ones you follow.
It looks like you have a nice blog, the name of the blog tels me it's a company blog, but you write personal things too.
I prefer personal blogs, thats just me and if you want an advice from Norway...
Make one more blog, then you can separate the personal from business posting.

Wish you a nice weekend

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Hi Roxy: Thanks for following my blog. I know many bloggers have more than one, I could never do it because mine is keeping me up nights already :) But, I think it could be a great idea for you if that's what you want. That or find a way to incorporate two postings per day on this one. One giving real estate information, the other about you and your life in beautiful Hawaii. Whichever you choose, best of luck!

JeaneBee said...

Me Again....I have several blogs...each one is different...unless I feel that my article will fit on another site.

Monday Morning Blues -
is mostly about our grandchildren and families. More of a personal blog

TennisNTrains - here I talk about my tennis and miscellaneous items - also a personal type blog

Alphabet Soup -
A mismash of articles..lots of "old time" things

Green is the Beginning -
How we can help our world survive global warming and environment. (not as stogy as it sounds)

You are welcome to visit one or all.


aries28 said...

Hey Roxy-I started my blog out as business related then I figured it really ran into personal stuff too so I just changed the title and look and now mix both and it has been a hit as you know. So I think you should just have one and mix up biz and personal. I would have too much trouble keeping up with more than one, like "Every Photo Tells a Story" said. So do what you do best, write, write, write! I am sorry for your IRS blues. I am lost as to why your biz stuff is in CA when you live is HI (?) You and I should really come up with something since our backgrounds are so similar and we are too :) You and Molly have a great startto a short week.
Peace, Cathy