Thursday, November 13, 2008

Molly's Therapy Visits - Plus Pictures

Today Molly and I went down to a hospital in Honolulu for the elderly. It's a long term hospital and the elderly patients really miss having animals around to enjoy. Molly (my dog) is a Therapy Dog. Molly enjoys the attention and these wonderful folks enjoy a change in the day. It lifts their spirits and bring big smiles to their faces.

If you have a well trained pet this is very rewarding and a really great way to put smiles and happiness in someone life. Call your local Animal shelter or Humane Society and ask them if your area has a Dog Therapy program.


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

What a wonderful thing to do. Dogs are amazing animals. They help and comfort humans more than most people realize. I love reading about their "good deeds," how they end up rescuing their owners from catastrophic events, and how they help the handicapped, etc. Molly is a good dog :)

Roxy's Real Estate News said...

Yes you are right dogs are amazing. Molly is sleeping after her long day at work. Our trips to the hospital are very special and we do enjoy the welcome we get.
It good for all.
thanks for posting.
I am going now to post a cat story on your blog

WHY? said...

Molly must make alot of people happy! I just read your comment, and it's funny because I read your cat poem. What a small world.

Roxy's Real Estate News said...

Why, thanks for stopping by and placing a comment on my blog.
Molly is a very giving dog, she is an attention graber and puts smiles on many faces.
She is popular in our neighborhood and has many friends.