Monday, November 24, 2008

Virus/Hacker Lurking Around Blogger????

I wanted to let everyone know about a virus I picked up on Saturday while blogging in
blogger. It pretty bad as I cannot use my laptop at all and will probably have to take it in
to the Geeks to fix it.

FYI - don't leave your computer idle and logged into blogger or any site for that matter.
It probably didn't have any thing to do with blogger but just beware.


aries28 said...

Ooh that is not cool. Do you know where you might have picked it up from? Thanks for the heads up!

Roxy's Real Estate News said...

No I don't know how it happened except I put my computer down and got busy doing somthing else.
When I came back to it I noticed I forgot to log out of blogger and when I started to shut it down is when i noticed the screen go completely into a forgein lauguage and start active wreid.